Baker Bricks is definitely the destination for scones lovers. The shop has recreated the deliciousness of ‘Ciao Ciao Scone Special’, an original recipe that is famous for its unique taste. Added the special texture and flavor that is unique to this shop. Sit, pick some of the scones tastes of the week amidst the chic of a clean white space. Combined with the  that warmth of wood and the greenery this cute cafe Baker Bricks will help you feel more refreshed.

The scones are little masterpieces. Available in both original and special flavors (Starting at 70 baht / piece), the shop will switch new flavors every week and rotate according to different occasions. Every customer can taste new flavors and be surprised every time he comes to visit.

If you come to sit and eat scones at the small bar counter beside the shop, we will feel the cozy atmosphere. Outstanding with a minimalist style decoration. Giving a hidden aura of Japan filled with warmth and the fragrant aroma of scones fresh from the stove. Combined with the afternoon sunlight shining through the large glass of the shop you will easily feel enchanted.

Of course, every item of Baker Bricks focuses on using good quality imported ingredients. Combined with the process of baking the scone with meticulous attention to every step. The specialty is the crispy outside, soft inside, unlike others. Freshly baked every day. A small but good variety of flavors to choose from. But there are still 3 flavors such as Plain, Cocoa and Chocolate Chips that are ready to be served fresh every day. In addition, the store also invented new special flavors and keeps trying out new ones from time to time.

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