Cottontree Coffee Roasters is a café with a warm, calm mood that serves you each and every a good cup of coffee in a gentle way. Are you bored of the big coffee chains? Here you can sip your cup of coffee privately and find a quiet corner. Open the Laptop, sit and work on cool ideas. This place is suitable for your creative and productive brain work. The atmosphere is relaxed. The owners paid attention to every detail. As in many shops white color defines the walls. With furniture made from steel and dark wood fits the style very well. The tables and chairs can be placed in various angles.

The shop owner is known as a great coffee roaster in the coffee industry. Therefore, there is no lack of good coffee beans in the bar. Both regular and one-time customers can taste great Thai coffee from various mountain ranges. In the north, the shop has its own roasting outlet. The seeds are imported from abroad.

Drink Menu

The signature drink of Cottontree Coffee Roasters is the  Amber Fin, guaranteed to be the best… the drink is made from cold brew coffee, syrup, lemon and soda. Perfect combination of the sour and salty coffee, paired with cold Brew Ginger Caramel.  All that gives you an amazing taste of caramel coffee and ginger. A sunny day a smile on your face.

But you can also sip a hot coffee with a fresh, clean taste, and feel the unique character of the single origin coffee beans that the store has to choose from. Guests who may not be good coffee drinkers can look for a Non-Caffeine drink such as Hojicha, Green Tea or Italian Soda.

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