Khagee is the Thai word for green, which is exactly how this coffee shop Khagee Cafe feels – like a breeze of fresh air in the forest on a hot summer day. Miki from Japan and her husband Thames opened this café and bakery by the banks of Ping River. Just east of old town Chiang Mai. It is nestled into the ground floor of a historic two-story building. Khagee Cafe interior design sets a tranquil mood with minimalist interior design and soft, foresty colours. Their signature is great coffee coupled with freshly baked goods, such as carrot cake, bagels and melon buns. Coffee enthusiasts will be excited to find a La Marzocco Strada pulling the shots here.

Khagee Cafe is the right place if you are looking for a nice coffee shop, delicious snacks in a comfortable atmosphere. At this moment, it’s inevitable that this is most popular coffee shop and the hottest check-in point for hipsters in Chiang Mai. The store KHAGEE is a cafe and small homemade bread bakery. The shop interior is white. Simply decorated in minimal style with wooden furniture which is giving a Japanese touch. Must be, because the owner is a Japanese person.

Drinks and Bread

The served drinks are Hot or Iced coffee, cocoa, tea, etc. everything with a full and intense flavor. The real highlight of this shop is the home made bread from natural yeast. According to the shop’s slogan which is ‘natural yeast bread café’, there are many kinds of bread. Japanese melonpan, muffins, bagels, scones, etc. But they produce only a small amount of bread each day. They want to spoil their customers with fresh pastries fresh from the oven every day. Who wants the old bread from yesterday. So, it’s recommend to come here before 2-3pm.

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